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Blast® hand washing becomes plastic free!

Blast® hand washing becomes plastic free!

We are pleased to announce that our  range of Blast® hand washing products, starting from today, will be plastic free.

Our increasing attention  to the environment and its higher sensitivity to such an important theme, has directed our choices towards thickens of natural origin for what concerns the production of Blast® Crema Fluida and  Blast® Crema Bianca.

Indeed the micro plastics inside the hand washing cream have been replaced by exfoliating ingredients which are completely natural and biodegradable.

Our main aim is, since forever, to make real the goal of sustainability, improving the environmental impact of the products and their production processes , developing green solutions, which will respond to a market  even more sensitive to these arguments. The effort towards this direction, always becomes an activity of awareness and information oriented towards our clients, with the aim of pursuing together the same goals.” explains Margherita Palumbo, responsible for Marketing in CAMP.

The new formulation is already in compliance with the regulations that  will enter in force from the 1st of January 2020, which avoids the use of micro plastics in every kind of cosmetics. This means that will be forbidden the use of exfoliating particles , especially used in scrub, tooth paste and hand washing cream for professional use.

These micro plastics, of small dimensions, are able to pass easily through the filters of the plants for the treatment of water, becoming a danger for the aquatic environment.

Discover more about the complete range of Blast® products on our website: https://campitalia.it/professional/linea/lavamani/paste-e-creme/