CAMP Professional presents CLIMASAN, the complete range of products for cleaning and sanitizing air conditioning units




At home, in the office and in the car, air conditioning seems to be one of the most important allied against stuffiness and hot weather. But what is not well known is that, even if air conditioning is efficient and irreplaceable for dealing with the warm temperatures of summer, it could be harmful if used in the wrong way.

Clearly, air conditioning improves the comfort of our days and it gives one of the most important contribution to the quality of the micro-climate in the various areas.

It is also true that the positive effects of the air conditioning depend on how we use it. For this reason it is good to respect some easy rules. First of all, a right maintenance of the units and the cleaning of the filters in which bugs and damaging microorganism could crowd around.

Are you wondering how to do that?

CAMP suggests a matched treatment for cleaning and sanitizing with ClimaSan Detergente and ClimaSan Igienizzante of CAMP® Professional line.

ClimaSan Detergent is an ideal cleaner for finned heat exchanger units and filters of all the splits, fan convectors and fan coils.  It acts rapidly against stubborn dirt, dust, limescales and residues that take shape both inside and outside of the components. All the products are available in the nebulizer format.

ClimaSan Igienizzante is a special sanitizing-acting blend  in an alcoholic solution that ensures an efficient and long-lasting sanification of the units and of the air. It neutralizes the organic and inogarnic residues, it eliminates bad smells caused by fungus and impurities and it leaves a pleasant scent. It is practical to use due to its spray formula and its applicator, that allow a better distribution of the products on the filters and on the air vents.

1.Switch the air conditioning unit off and remove the filters

2. Spray Climasan detergente on the filters, rinse it again and dry it.


3.Repeat the procedures on the finned heat exchanger units, rinse it at the end with water spray.




  1. After putting the filters back together, spray Climasan igienizzante



  1. Wait few minutes and turn the units on. Leave the area air out before staying in it again.


And now…enjoy your summer!




  1. Ricottone Gaetano Tonino says:

    Buongiorno dove posso trovare i prodotti a Cinisello Balsamo????grazie

    1. CAMP says:


      le abbiamo appena inviato una mail.
      Grazie per la richiesta.

      Lo staff Camp

  2. Oscar says:

    Si può dare anche sui filtri a carboni attivi? od è meglio di no ed eventualmente per questi basta lavarli con acqua e lasciare asciugare?

    Quindi dopo avere spruzzato uniformemente il prodotto detergente su entrambi (pacco con alette e filtro) vanno risciacquati con acqua e solo dopo la igienizzazione completa va fatta partire la ventilazione (solo, senza né deumidificazione né freddo) per avere il risultato finale? Chiedo questo perché altri produttori non lo dilavano a mano con acqua spruzzata, ma fanno partire il clima anche solo ventilazione per la pulizia della batteria con alette.

    Posso usare il detergente anche per la batteria della macchina esterna, vero?
    Grazie per la risposta

    1. CAMP says:

      Buongiorno Oscar,

      le abbiamo appena inviato una mail.
      Grazie per la richiesta.

      Lo staff Camp

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