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Camp has a new image: stronger, contemporary and closer

Camp has a new image: stronger, contemporary and closer

Camp changes image but not identity. The company has launched a transformation project that involves the brand, the products and the communication tools.

The path started with a strategic choice: the elimination of the three brand lines – Professional, Surface Care and Home Care – to bring together all the products under the historical brand, which has been redesigned to make it more contemporary.

The next step has been the definition of a new payoff: Power to your work.

The payoff speaks directly to the users, to communicate closeness and availability. The direct tone and the decisive language tell of a company that is confident in its products and its quality.

Catalogue and product

Redesigned the brand, we have moved on to products. The first phase was the reorganization of the catalog. After a long study, six new ranges have been created (Industry and DIY, Construction, Plumbing, Automotive, Home and Sanitizers) to help customers to better orient themselves in the offer.

The next phase has been the redesign of more than 180 labels, to enhance the products and to ensure a strong differentiation on the shelf. Once the labels have been defined, the new catalog has been designed to offer a complete overview of Camp services and solutions.


The changing process also affected the digital and social communication tools, with a new web portal, new social channels and new campaigns of paid ads.

Everything on the website is at hand, with clear and easy-to-consult information. Navigation is fluid and comfortable, products are always in the foreground and a news section offers advice and tutorials.

Evolution has just begun. Camp does not stop.