Camp presents the new anti-spatter for welding Welder® Eco Spray!

The Welder® line adds to its range of products the new non-flammable anti-spatter for welding.

The anti- spatter Welder® line for welding by Camp Professional, enlarge itself with Welder Eco Spray, a new non-flammable product, based on an innovative water based formula.

Ideal for automatic and manual welding, it allows clean and homogeneous operations, thanks to its efficient and long lasting adhesive power, it avoids squirts and spatters to adhere on the processing elements.  Moreover, the product doesn’t contain silicon and it eases the following phases of varnishing.

The product is ecologic and guarantees excellent performances. It is solvent free and it offers a higher security for the operator and for the environment.

Welder ® Eco is available in bottle of 1 and 5 lt.

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