Camp: the perfect ally for cleaning home and kitchen




Before relaxing on the sofa watching TV series or after a smart working day, finally we all have time to clean our houses.

Especially the kitchen, central part of the home and perfect place to test new recipes, has received more attention.

The kitchen, with sinks easily attached by limestone and cooktops continuously subjected to encrustations due to the preparation of dishes, has brought out the need of real allies for the houseworks: Home Care product line by CAMP .

Let’s discover together the main levels of criticality in cleaning the kitchen and how to solve them with CAMP’s products.

1. Cleaning of the oven

The oven, as the cooktop, after use has usually encrustations of grease of animal or vegetal origin.

Forno Fast, one of the best seller of Home care product line by Camp, is specifically formulated to dissolve any kinds of grease.

This degreasing cleaner for oven and grill efficiently removes the carbonaceous residuals and it acts also against bad smells.

Its efficiency makes it suitable also for materials such as steel, cast iron and glass ceramics.


  • Acts also with cold oven
  • Leaves the surfaces brilliant
  • Does not leave rings

2. Cleaning of steel tops

The kitchen also, shows always surfaces with polished or glazed steel. Sinks, cook tops, extractor fans, electrical appliances and worktops made of stainless steel are subjected to oxidation, rings of grease and oil which compromises its brilliance.

The ideal product is Inox Brill, a polishing detergent for any steel surfaces. This steel polishing cleaner efficiently removes limestone, leaving on the surfaces an invisible protection which slows its reappearance. The product is suitable also with the professional activities of the HACCP plans.


Cleans, polishes and protects steel:

  • Gives again brilliance to the surfaces
  • Removes limestone and prevents its formation
  • Pleasantly citrus scented

3. Cleaning of the surfaces

At least sanitation should not be understimated.

A cooktop really clean is also sanitized; Easy clean by CAMP is a universal detergent which removes dirt, without damaging the surfaces having a significant anti-static action.

Easy clean has a double action, both degreasing and sanitizing, perfect for cleaning in depth the surfaces in the house, such as kitchen, cooktop, oven, fridge and sink.

A product which is ideal for steel, aluminum, pvc, wood and laminated.


  • Efficient against stubborn dirt
  • Sanitizing action
  • Not harmful neither aggresive
  • Leaves the surfaces clean and brilliant

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