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Camp: your ally against mould

Camp: your ally against mould

It is very important to know how to remove mould from the surfaces in the house. The best solution is to promptly intervene before it spreads and the problem gets worse. Mould, indeed, could rot the surfaces and so provoke health problems such as allergies, irritation to the air-ways and fatigue.

In this article we will teach you how to use our anti-mould products and we will give you small advises to defeat the enemy. An example? When you’re taking a shower or cooking, open the window or activate the fan. In this way you will avoid humidity from condensation, which is the most common reason for the presence of mould.



A bit of advices

The best way to fight mould is to remove its causes. So it is important to discover from where the humidity comes and to improve the ventilation in the rooms.

Then, ensure that the gutter and the drain pipers are not blocked and that the water normally flows and that there are not infiltrations in it.

And what to do at home? Avoid drying the laundry inside the house, always aerate the rooms, pay attention to the potential water leaks and install extractor fans in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry. It can be useful also an electrical dehumidifier to reduce the general level of damp in the house.

Now it’s time to protect yourself

Before doing any interventions, wear a mask, if possible FFP2, in order to do not aspirate the microspopic spores, and rubber gloves, if possible the long ones, to protect the hands and glasses to avoid that the spores could enter in contact with the eyes.



Let’s get to the removal

You could directly intervene on mould with two products by Camp: Rimuovi Muffa and Muffa control Restoring.

The aim is to remove stains of mould from walls and to prevent its reappearrance.

The first step is spray Rimuovi Muffa on the interested surface, allow it to react for few minutes and remove with a wet rag the residues of mould and blackening.

Then, when the surfaces will be dry, you can apply evenly Muffa Control Restoring (with paint rollers or brush) to prevent the reappearance of mould.

The treatment before painting

Before whitewashing the walls in the house you can intervene with an anti-mould cycle, applying Muffa Control Restoring directly on walls.

After 48 hours, clean and sand the treated surface to remove stains and blackening.

Before proceeding with painting, apply the fixative Fixacryl Anti-mould, which reinforces the surfaces and improves the anchoring of the paint.

Add Muffa Control Additive to the water paint to enhance the precautionary action and proceed with painting.

The last effort and you’ve finished

We are almost there. Now reapply Muffa Control Restoring on the entire surface to prevent the formation of mould from condensation. This step is especially recommended in particularly humid environments.

Now that you know the enemy and know how to defeat him, we are waiting for you on our website with all Camp’s products.