Cleaning of the fireplaces: how to do that with Camp.




The fireplace is a functional element in the house, and it is usually integrated with the main heating. It is for sure a unique piece of furniture.

The decorative function of the fireplace can completely change the aspect of the living room, depending on the kind of fireplace, that could be modern or classic.

Whatever style of fireplace is chosen in the house, soon or later, you will face problems of cleaning due to the stains of smoke and combustion on the glass.

Let’s discover togheter the main problems and how to solve them with CAMP.

1. Cleaning of the fireplaces

In case of a modern fireplace, for example, despite the presence of a special ventilation system, with the specific function of leaving the glass clean even after many weeks of use, a white or grey coat could appear.

Moreover, it can be brown stains on the glass, due to the malfunctioning of the chimney, which are sometimes very difficult to be removed.

2. Cleaning of the traditional fireplaces

In traditional fireplaces, however, the combustion of wood causes the formation of soot, a dark dust that tends to stain the glass structure that usually protects the chimney;

in these cases it is necessary to use a product with a high degreasing power that removes black smoke and soot stains.

The solution by CAMP

Camp reccomends Fire clean for any problems  connected to the cleaning of fireplaces.

Fire clean is a concentrated, degreasing and decarbonising product, excellent for cleaning and maintaining thermo-fireplaces, fireplaces, pellet stoves, wood stoves, etc.

The product, which is part of the Home Care line, effectively dissolves grease of animal and vegetable origin, and it is able to eliminate carbon black and carbon residues, leaving the treated surfaces perfectly clean and free of residues.


  • Efficient for cleaning carbon black  from glass ceramics
  • Suitable to quickly remove carbon residues and tar from the tube band and from the monoblock of thermo-fireplaces (for a better boiler’s performance)

The use of Fire clean for cleaning fireplaces, dissolves the stubborn dirt and it leaves the surfaces clean and brilliant.


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