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ClimaSan to regularly clean and sanitize air-conditioning units at home and in the office

ClimaSan to regularly clean and sanitize air-conditioning units at home and in the office

With warm temperature, in order to enjoy the refreshment safely, the moment to do the maintenance to our air conditioning units has arrived.

Let’s at once debunk a clichè: cleaning filters and components at the beginning of the season is not sufficient.
But it is necessary to regularly repeat the treatment, in order to remove virus, germs and bacteria harmful for our health.

High temperatures and stagnant humidity are the ideal conditions for the proliferation of the bacteria.

In order to optimize the yeld of the air conditioning units, avoiding blocks, extreme noises and increasing of the consumption, it is necessary to periodically intervene on them.

Moreover a correct and frequent hygiene of the air conditioning units is suggested by the authorities, to reduce the risk of infection by Covid 19.

For all these reasons, Camp recommends to repeat the treatment with Climasan 1-2 times per month.

ClimaSan products

ClimaSan product line has been studied to make the cleaning an easy and fast routine, with no need of special techincal skills or efforts.

The treatment with ClimaSan must be done in two steps: the first with ClimaSan Detergent and the second with ClimaSan sanitizer.

ClimaSan Detergent rapidly acts against stubborn dirt, encrustations and deposits that usually appear on filters and external parts.

In order to use it, spray on the surfaces to clean using the specific and handy nebulizer.


• Cleans in depth filters and components
• Removes bad smells caused by fungus and impurities
• Improves the performance of the plants
• Acts instantaneously

ClimaSan Sanitzer is a special solution with a sanitizing and deodorizing action in alcoholic solution which ensures an efficient and long lasting hygiene of the plants and of the air. It neutralizes the organic and inogarnic deposits, removing in a natural way, bad smells caused by fungus and bacteria, leaving a pleasant and fresh perfuming.


• Practical and quick to use
• Removes and prevents bad smells
• Pleasantly perfumed

Now it’s time to enjoy the cool, being sure that we are breathing healthy air and to live in a safe environment. Good season? Now yes.