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How to remove mould from walls and how to prevent the reappearance: the solution is Camp Surface Care

How to remove mould from walls and how to prevent the reappearance: the solution is Camp Surface Care


Mould on  domestic walls is a very frequent phenomenon.  Who’s never seen small grey or green stains, in the bathroom, in the basement or on the perimetral walls exposed to north?

In fact, every walls or surface placed in a damp or poorly ventilated rooms, can be the ideal habitat for the proliferation of moulds.


There are many factors which cause moulds on the walls and on the domestic surfaces, among which there are rising damp, infiltrations of water from terraces and balconies and insufficient thermal isolation of the structure.

What is important to know is that mould proliferates rapidly, but it is also very difficult to be destroyed. Usually, remedies do it yourself take place, but they  are a only a temporary solution with any preventive action.


The combined treatment by Camp Surface Care guarantees  not only the cleaning of the surfaces but also a definitive renovation of the interested surfaces in two simple passages.

  1. Removal of stains and blackenings with Rimuovi Muffa

Formulated for removing stains and blackening, Rimuovi Muffa is characterized by a strong detergent and whiten power. Moreover, Rimuovi Muffa acts immediately against moulds, fungus and algae of various kinds. The product can be used both on indoor or outdoor walls. It is ready to use, easy to apply and it is packaged in a practical box with a nebulizer and gloves for the applicator.

  1. In depth renewal of the support with Muffa Control Risanante

The renewal phase of the surfaces with Muffa Control Risanante, stops the proliferation of mould and it prevents the return of mould over time. The active ingredients in the solution of Muffa Control Risanante act on a wide range of biological contamination, removing a high number of bacterias, fungus, moulds, yeasts and algae. The product is ready to use and can be applied by roll, by brush or by nebulizer.

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