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Rimuovi Muffa by Camp Surface Care, the solution for keeping off mould from walls!

Rimuovi Muffa by Camp Surface Care, the solution for keeping off mould from walls!


The development of bacterium and spore on the walls in the houses is a very common phenomenon in building.  This phenomenon has increased in the last years, probably due to the materials, building techniques and the installation.

The presence of humidity and mould is harmful for the health of the individuals.

This causes not only the degradation of the materials of the wall but also risks for the health which, if underestimated, can become very serious.

This is why it is always recommended to keep off mould when  it appears. Close places and few lighted (corners, ceilings, basements and garage), cold walls close to doors and windows or walls behind closets which are the most sensitive to the attacks of mould.



High temperatures inside and low temperatures outside, with spores, lacking of light, water ( as condensation):  the combination of these four conditions causes mould.

So the most recurrent causes of the development of mould are:


  • Insufficient thermal isolation of the walls: girders and pillars exposed to the outdoors and not perfectly insulated (thermal bridge);
  • Presence of infiltrations of water on terraces, roofs,  balconies or tubes caused by cracks and small damages;
  • Rising damp  due to the presence of water in the underlying field;
  • Wrong habits of heating and ventilation in the domestic places: insufficient air turnover, wet sheets in the house drying during cold season, excess of water in the plants, presence of aquariums, etc.

Recognizing these factors can help to prevent the proliferation of mould.




Living in a damp house or with mould, it is considered very dangerous for the health, in particular if in the houses there are old people and kids.  This is the reason why the OMS, the Worldwide organization of Health, has improved some guide lines for improving the quality of the indoor air. The experts connects the presence of mould in the house or in the offices to a scarcely health of the breathing apparatus.


As you can read in the guide WHO Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality, many studies and researches have proved that micro-toxins, produces by mould, are responsible for many pathologies, in particular the ones for the breathing apparatus. The humidity in a building can cause asthma (21% of asthma in USA is caused by humidity and domestic mould), respiratory infections, cough, bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory problems.

For protecting the quality of the air in the houses and the well-being of its residents, it is necessary to remove mould as soon as possible and in the most effective way.


Delaying the intervention of sanitizing in the places with the presence of mould, can cause a risk of paying more with the restoring costs. Moreover, Do it yourself methods can solve the problem only temporarily, but they are not a definitive , efficient and long lasting solution.


For this reason, CAMP suggests a restoring treatment of the surfaces with Rimuovi Muffa CAMP® Surface Care, an active sanitizer cleaner with an instantaneous action which removes, in a short time, blackening and stains of mould, musks, lichens and algae. Thanks to its practical sprayer bottle, it is easy to use and it can be applied on the most interesting points or distributed on the entire surface.


For reducing the harmful effects of mould, it is necessary to remove  the persistent humidity and the development of microorganisms on the indoor walls of the building.

Follow few rules:


  • Keep the right balance among temperature and humidity ( 20% inside with a humidity level not more than 40%)
  • Do not let the sheets drying indoors and use humidifiers in the locals already wet
  • Aerate the house three times a week, open windows, doors and curtains 5-10 minutes in order to create draft.
  • Furnish correctly leaving 10 cm between furniture and outdoor walls.
  • Use suitable systems of aspiration in the bathrooms and kitchens
  • Install a humidifier in the rooms where there is condensation during the most critics periods
  • Limit the number of the indoor decorative plants
  • Repair promptly cracks on walls, ceilings, terraces and balconies.



CAMP works hard for the research of the most effective solutions for the safety of all the surfaces.

All products by CAMP® Surface Care are available in the best hardware shops, DIY and building shops.