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Consolidating for stone and tuff: Compatto Eco by Camp Surface Care

Consolidating for stone and tuff: Compatto Eco by Camp Surface Care

Consolidante per pietra

Tuff is a natural, porous  stone easily workable, largely used as building material. But how can you protect and consolidate tuff walls or vaults? The answer is a protective consolidating treatment for stones Compatto® Eco by CAMP® Surface Care.

The Characteristics of tuff

Tuff is a magmatic rock, mainly made up by ashes and lapillus released during a volcanic eruption , eventually associated  to sea shells. It is a light, natural stone, that is micro-porous and extremely workable.

Depending on the geographical area in which it is formed, tuff, has different peculiarities. The tuff from Naples  is typically yellow,  green is the one form Ischia, and darker is the one from the Vesuvio of Ercolano. Typical is the grey tuff from Nocera and the reddish largely spread in Lazio.

In Apulia, instead, in addition to the white tuff, is largely diffused a precious stone, which has characteristics very similar to tuff: the stone from Lecce.

Thanks to its high technical characteristics such as workability, lightness, tenacity and compressive strength, tuff represents one of the products mainly used in building. The natural beauty of this material is in fact  sought-after by designer and architects for the implementation of  plain and comfortable interiors.

How to protect walls and vaults made out of tuff and natural stones

Every kind of tuff and natural stone has a specific characteristic: porosity. Even if the presence of pores guarantees an excellent transpiration to its support, it causes also the absorption of water and dirty. Moreover, often on these kinds of supports it can happen the phenomenon of chalking that generates the crumbling of the materials.

We’ve all been, at least one time in our life, got dusty touching a wall made up with tuff or natural stone.

Let’s discover how to protect and consolidate tuff and natural stone.

The final solution is  Compatto® Eco by  Camp® Surface Care, a consolidating for stone specifically formulated for the treatment of building materials for construction, such as tuff.

The small dimensions of the micells of the product, allow a good penetration on porous and absorbents supports and also the conservation of the characteristics of transpirability of the materials.

Why choosing Compatto® Eco?

First of all is an ecologic product. It is a aqueous microemulsion, non- toxic, not dangerous, VOC free that makes the product usable in closed and poorly ventilated spaces. It enforces the structure of the treated support and it prevents its crumbling.  is Compatto® Eco also an easy and ready to use product. It can be used with a roll and a brush. It is ideal for the treatment of the crumbled support using a nebulizer.

The product is also available in jerry cans of 3 and 25 lt.

if you have to treat outdoor surfaces, such as facades and coverings, Camp® Surface Care suggest a water-repellent treatment for Hydro Pro Eco® Tufo e Pietra leccese.