DECAL VRC SAFE: the new descaler by CAMP Professional for washing boilers and heat exchangers.


Decal VRC Safe is the new entry in the plumbing products’ range by CAMP Professional. It is a concentrated descaler, acid based, with color indicator, specific for removing limestone scalings in the pipes, in the closed systems of circulation of boilers and heat exchangers.

The product responds to a specific requirement of the market: an efficient product on stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. The new condensing boilers have stainless steel  or aluminum heat exchangers in order to ensure a greater reliability and long lasting.

 Why cleaning condensing boilers is so important?

The acid condensation, the residuals of combustion, fine dust and other atmospheric pollutant can cause the presence of strong encrustations on metallic surfaces of the combustion rooms. These encrustations, with the heat of flames, harden,  reducing the heat exchangers. For this reason is very important to make a periodical maintenance and cleaning of the plant.

Decal VRC Safe is formulated with low corrosive acids and special inhibitors of corrosion, which protect the metallic surfaces from the acid action for all the duration of the descaling action.

In fact, Decal VRC Safe is safe on all kinds of materials and it is suitable for the treatment of aluminum plants, galvanized surfaces and stainless steel.

The fast and safe action of the product brings the metal back  to their perfect functionality. They restore the correct heat exchange, reducing the costs of the use of the plants.


Decal VRC Safe is available in packagings of 1 and 5 lt.


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