New CAMP website is on line!




We are happy to announce the arrival of the new website, updated in its graphic, in its contents and with new important features.

“The development of our website arises from our will to formalize a strategy of communication differentiating by target, planned for giving dedicated and personalized contents” says Margherita Palumbo CAMP’s responsible for Marketing.

We have created a network, an advanced web space which comprises three sites: Professional, Surface Care and Home care, which represent the three production lines of CAMP.

The products are the protagonist in a catalogue with an interactive and personalized menu. Moreover it is possible to browse and download our multi-language catalogue.

An important novelty is the introduction of an advanced search engine, available on the home page, that allows to find the ideal product for the needs of the user, the articles and the tutorial related to it, by typing only some key words.

It is possible to consult also a new section About Us in which we present our values at the base of our activity, our mission and our vision of our business.

Another newness is the possibility to subscribe to Camp Newsletter, to be always up-to-date on the news of the company, from products to promotion, and also on its events.

Our project of innovation originates from a clear target: that is to say to allow all the users to collect information on the company and on the services it offers, in an efficient and user-friendly way.”- says the Marketing responsible “to improve also the interaction with our clients and to give also an on line support service.”

A new guise and new contents, but the real novelty is the service “Chat with CAMP”. A technical expert CAMP available to the users, through a live chat that is clear and easy to use.

Moreover , the new web guise could be used with all the devices, as a matter of fact it is characterized by a modern and responsive graphic. Therefore wherever you will be…

…enjoy your navigation!





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