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How to clean and protect terraces and balconies for the summer

How to clean and protect terraces and balconies for the summer

If during winter time we tend to neglect terraces and balconies because of the cold temperatures, in summer time it becomes important to clean and tidy up these spaces, which are mostly used for outdoor dinners and lunches or for children to play or for the pets to run around.

Also because of the winter atmospheric agents, usually terraces and balconies are in very complicated situations. Limescale, encrustations, blackenings are enemies to deal with. They are sneaky enemies because, they not only make the outdoor spaces full of germs and bacteria, but also because they damage them deteriorating them more easily. So how  is it possible to enjoy these places in safety and comfort protecting them for future?
The answer is using some specific products by CAMP, studied for removing in depth even the stubborn dirt and protecting floors of terraces and balconies.


Extraordinary cleaning of floors and coverings

 For cleaning floors and coverings it can be alternately used according to the kind of dirt: Alcadet strong degreasing detergent, for removing dirt and greasy or oily stains, rings of smog from floors and coverings. Ideal for porcelanic gres, ceramic, natural stones, cotto tile, concrete all the materials sensitive to acid.

DopoPosa decaler cleaner for removing stains of calcareous nature, salt efflorescences, stains of rust, blackenings, musk, lichens, any concrete residuals and dirt of post-installation.


Removal of mould and musk from wall and outdoor facades

For sanitizing walls and outdoor facades an efficient and easy to use product is Rimuovi Muffa by Camp, an active formulation which instantly acts against mould, algae, fungus, musk and lichens removing any traces.


For a strong preventing action complete the treatment using Muffa Control Risanante, the innovative restoring treatment with a double action:

  • Penetrates in depth in the surfaces removing completely mould
  • Prevents the reappearance for a long time of algae, musk and lichens


Moreover, the product has an efficient and long lasting anti-washout power and it can be used on indoor and outdoor walls, concrete, stones, bricks, grout lines, tiles and old paintings.

Applying it is easy: it is sufficient to apply it directly on the surfaces to treat by a sponge, a roll or a brush and allow it to react for 48/72 hours.

Protection of terraces and balconies against infiltrations

 ProTer® by CAMP is an innovative high-tech consolidating water repellent treatment, studied for protecting the surfaces of terraces and balconies from the damaging action of the external agents. This product consolidates and protects the surfaces of terraces, balconies, facades and floors without having to resort to a radical remaking of the walkable surfaces.


In particular:

  • Helps to fill the micro porosities of the support
  • Repairs cracks up to 1 mm
  • Does not leave film and it does not change the aspect of the surface
  • It has a nano technology which creates on the surfaces an inivisible, water repellent and resistant to the atmospheric agents barrier.

ProTer® by CAMP, does not change the transpiration of the support, it is useful to prevent the infiltrations of water  and the appearance of mould and efflorescences. It can also be applied on cotto tile, ceramics, porcelanic gres, clinker, stones, cobblestones, concrete, conglomerates, bricks, roofs and porous materials.

 Applying  ProTer® is very easy:

  • Pour some product in a container
  • Apply the product on the dry floor
  • Apply evenly by brush on the surface to treat, especially on grout lines and cracks
  • After 12 hours the surface is walkable
  • Look at the video to know how to apply the product and the results after its application.