How to clean and sanitize the air conditioning units. The complete solution by CAMP Professional.

The combined cleaning and sanitizing treatment carried out, in two simple steps, with the products ClimaSan Detergente and ClimaSan Igienizzante of the CAMP® Professional line.




With the arrival of the hot summer temperatures  people restart the air condition units in order to enjoy the pleasant fresh air spread out. But how to improve the units’ efficiency?

If well used, the air conditioning contributes to improving the quality of the microclimate of a space and the daily comfort, having positive effects on health and productivity. In fact, the air conditioner allows to avoid  those unpleasant sudden illnesses caused by heat and excessive humidity (low blood pressure, heat strokes, etc) as it helps the body thermoregulation system especially in vulnerable persons such as  the elderly, the children and the sick. So, while sleeping better and sweating less at home, you can focus on your work and deliver top performance.

The advantages of the air conditioning depend on how we use it. The Ministry of Health has indicated some simple and specific rules to ensure an appropriate use of it since an excessive or incorrect  exposure may cause different problems, as detailed below.

  • An air conditioning unit should not be positioned behind neither turned on at excessively low temperatures (never under 24° according to energy efficiency requirements) to ensure the safety.
  • An accumulation of dust, microorganisms and bacteria in the filters of the indoor unit would be directly put into circulation through the  air distribution ducts, spreading infections, cold and other disorders.
  • An air conditioning unit badly maintained would encounter many functional failures, repair costs, risk of fire and corrosion.

In order to make the air conditioning units effective, it is recommended to carry out an appropriate and accurate maintenance.

CAMP suggests the combined cleaning and sanitizing treatment with the products ClimaSan Detergente and ClimaSan Igienizzante of the CAMP® Professional line.


ClimaSan Detergente is the ideal cleaner for the cleaning of  finned heat exchanger units and filters of all split air conditioning units, fan convectors and coils. Acts quickly against the most stubborn dirt, the incrustations and the deposits that tend to form on the internal and external elements. It is available in the practical spray can.

Step 1. Cleaning of the filters and of the external and internal unit elements with ClimaSan Detergente.


ClimaSan Igienizzante is a specially formulated, alcohol based sanitizer. It is highly antibacterial, germicidal and deodorising, ideal for the long lasting sanitizing of air conditioning plants and air itself. Eliminates bad odours caused by fungi and impurities leaving a fresh and pleasant fragrance. It is practical to use thanks to the spray formula and the applicator provided which allows a better distribution of the product on filters and in the air ducts.

Step 2. Sanitizing treatment of all of the elements with ClimaSan Igienizzante Spray.


The use of the CAMP® solutions allows to optimize the yield, increase the efficiency and the life of the units, reduce the energy consumption and the maintenance costs  of the air conditioner of houses and offices.

Summer is close! CAMP® Professional wishes a fresh and cleaner air to you all!


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