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How to clean and to protect the grout lines on the floors from stains and blackening.

How to clean and to protect the grout lines on the floors from stains and blackening.

Dirt and blackening collect, over time in the grout lines and claddings, then Cleaning them takes time and efforts. In many cases there are traces of mould and soon they become a fertile ground for germs and bacterium. The most common detergents used for the daily cleaning of the floors are not the most suitable for an efficient cleaning of the grout lines, because they do not act in depth and do not remove the most stubborn dirt and blackening. The ideal solution is cleaning them in depth with specific detergent, creating for restoring the original cleaning of the grout lines. Camp Surface Care recommends a cleaning cycle with Pulifuga and FugaPro.

With an exceptional speed and efficiency Pulifuga brings back in few seconds the grout lines to their original state, removing blackening, encrustations and residuals of limestone. Pulifuga is suitable for all the cement grout lines of the floors and cladding made of ceramic, porcelanic gres, clinker, cotto tile and all the materials resistant to acid.

This kind of cleaning does not last for a long time, because grout lines are constantly exposed to the risk of stains and dirt.

In order to protect grout lines over time and to keep them clean, it is important to protect them with FugaPro, the oil-water repellent and anti-stain protective treatment.

This treatment creates an invisible barrier against dirt and it considerably reduces the absorbent capacity of the grout lines, without changing its aspect. In this way the daily cleaning will be easier and the grout lines will be perfectly clean over time.

In addition, Camp Home Care, which is dedicate to the products of the home care and cleaning, recommends  the new Pulifuga Fast. Its practical spray formula is suitable for cleaning vertical grout lines of claddings and tiles. The product is ideal for removing blackening and stains from grout lines on mosaics and vertical claddings, or for removing stains of mould and limestone from tiles in the shower stalls.

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