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How to remove and prevent mould? Here is the solution

How to remove and prevent mould? Here is the solution

Mould is one of the main problem you have to deal with at home, especially where there are infiltrations of water, condensation and damp.

In order to definitively avoid the problem in a short time, it is important to remove stains of mould, restore and protect the surfaces.

Removing mould is not only aesthetically important, but also an important action in order to protect our health.

Mould, could cause infections, allergic reactions, asthma and sometimes it can be toxic.

This means that it is very important to promptly intervene using the right products.

Camp has created a complete anti-mould product line, in order to definitively remove the problem.

Anti-mould: two specific treatment cycles

Cycle 1: remove mould and prevent its reappearance

The first cycle focuses on removing from the walls the stains of mould.

In this case, the first step is removing any trace of that, with a following intervention  of complete sanification of the walls.  During this phase, two effective  products by  CAMP, especially studied for this operation, are: Rimuovi Muffa e Muffa Control Risanante.

Their use is very easy:

  1. The first step is  nebulize Rimuovi Muffa on the interested surface and eventually remove any residuals of mould and blackenings  with a wet rag.
  2. On dry surfaces, evenly apply Muffa Control Risanante by a paint roller or by brush, in order to remove the reappearance of  the mould.



Cycle 2: removal of mould before painting the walls

This second anti-mould cycle is intended to all those walls to be painted. In this case the steps of the intervention are:

  1. Apply Camp Muffa Control Risanante directly on the wall. After 48 hours, it is important to clean and sand the treated surface in order to remove stains and blackening.
  2. Before proceeding with painting, the preparation of the support with Fixacryl Antimuffa, which improves the anchoring of paint and it has a good anti-mould action.
  3. Add Muffa Control Additivo to the water based paint  in order to enhance the preventive action.
  4. After painting, it is possible to apply a second application of Muffa Control Risanante, on the entire surface. The product contains special surfactants, which adds to the paint a preventive protection against mould, especially in the damp places.


Rimuovi Muffa
Fast acting and ready to use sanitizing cleaner. Apply directly on the interested parts or distribute on the entire surface.

Muffa Control Risanante
Ready to use bactericidal and fungicidal restoring product which protect walls and prevents its reappearance.

Muffa Control Additivo
Adding the product to the water-based paint, it completes the treatment and enhances the preventive anti-mould action, especially in the dampest places.