How to remove the old varnish. STRIPGEL gives you a perfect paint stripping!

STRIPGEL is suitable for all types of surface made of wood, iron and non ferrous metals, walls and cement surfaces.




The beautiful spring and summer days are the best to dedicate yourself in some small restructuring measures such as repaint doors, windows, gates, iron railings or an old wood piece of furniture to restore it. But how could we remove the paint from the surface with no effort at all?

The varnishes serve for the finishing and the protection of any item both inside and outside, in order to contrast the action of time, weather, thermal changes, sunlight, rain, humidity. Thanks to the layer created by the varnish, the surfaces are easier to clean, waterproof and resistant to aging, wear, scratches and abrasions. The surfaces acquire a particular effect according to the type chosen: polished, metallic, glazed, pearly, etc.

However, it may occur to encounter problems of cracking of the paint layers which damage the items’ appearance and usability. To fix this inconvenience, it is appropriate to proceed with the paint stripping, an operation of preparation for the new painting in order to remove the several paint layers until reach the naked support. This must be made carefully because, if the old paint is not well removed, the new finishing may detach or create annoying swelling.

CAMP suggest to use STRIPGEL, the gel paint remover free from chlorinated solvents of the CAMP® Professional line.

Designed with an high biodegradability technology, STRIPGEL deeply penetrates and removes quickly every kind of paint or varnish, even the older or more resistant ones.
Ready to use, it is not noxious and can be safely used on a wide range of products, indoor and outdooron vertical and horizontal surfaces as well.

STRIPGEL is suitable for every kind of wood, iron, non-ferrous metal, cement surfaces and walls. It has an high efficiency on synthetic resin varnishes, oil, nitrocellulose, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, epoxy and water-based paints, epoxy tar sheaths, enamels, wall models, putties, glues for carpeted and parquet floors.



Ask for it in hardware and paint shops! For further information visit the page STRIPGEL.


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