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How to treat the natural stone: Hydro Pro® preserves its brightness

How to treat the natural stone: Hydro Pro® preserves its brightness

Among the most common building materials, natural stones have been largely used during times, both in the building and in the artistic field, thanks to their resistance, compactness and duration.

There are many kinds of natural stones in our territory, among the calcareous ones there are the  natural stone and tuff, both of sedimentary origin. These are two rocks made principally by granules of limestone and fragments of micro fossils.

CAMP, is an Italian company that works hard for the research of solutions for the protection of the surfaces. The company focused, in particular, on the natural stones, creating a specific treatment, which is the result of a strict partnership with the caves in the area of Salento.” In order to protect the beauty of the buildings made with natural stone, we have perceived the goal of creating a specific product for the protection and the  treatment of the natural stones. It is a product which ensures an efficient and long lasting protection of a material that, even if it is so precious and fragile, it is also very common in our territory” says the Marketing Manager of CAMP® Surface Care.

The characteristics of the natural stone

The natural stone is a rock very appreciated and used for buildings, churches, monuments, balustrades, chimneys, wall coverings and other artifacts. Since the baroque époque, the artisan made the natural stone the protagonist of the typical decorations thanks also to its great manufacturing power.

It is usually open-air extracted in enormous caves, in which it enters in contact with the air, loosing its natural smoothness and internal humidity it becomes tough and resistant, while its colour changes from white to yellowish.

The natural stone is a  very sensitive material, solid and uniform, but at the same time crumbly and porous. It is affected by the action of water, by the atmospheric agents and by pollution. The presence of micro-porosities helps the penetration of water, the main cause of the phenomenon of collapse and deterioration of the material.

The prevention of these problems, without adopting expensive and invasive interventions, is now possible thanks to a definitive solution by CAMP® Surface Care.

HydroPro® Eco Tufo e Pietra Leccese is a water repellent sealer nano-structured with a high consolidating and breathable. It is eco-friendly, solvent free, not flammable, not harmful for men neither for the environment, completely VOC free.

The product, specifically studied for natural stone and tuff, makes the surfaces hydrophobic and consolidates them , without changing their original aspect. It gives also an high anti-dust and anti-dirt capacity. It has a protective function creating a barrier against the external agents. It also allows the material to breath.

Camp suggests the treatment with HydroPro® Eco Tufo e Pietra Leccese on coverings, facades and artifacts in natural stone in order to preserve its beauty and charm over time. Moreover the external coverings in porous natural stones can be easily attacked from mould and lichens. In this case, Camp suggests the use of Rimuovi Muffa, for removing completely the preexisting infestation, and  Muffa Control Risanante