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Infiltrations of water: how to protect terraces and balconies

Infiltrations of water: how to protect terraces and balconies

When there are water infiltrations, the watchword is ACT intelligently and quickly, if you want to avoid great structural damages, invasive and expensive maintenance operations, in addition to civil liability of the owner. The problem of infiltrations is particularly frequent in the old buildings, it is inevitable over time due to the continuous action of the weather on terraces and balconies.

To prevent the consequences of penetration of water (humidity, mould, efflorescence, etc) , even the most relevant, the specific system of “CAMP Surface Care” is Proter® Proteggi Terrazza.

The CAMP treatment carries out a waterproofing action of nanoparticles which penetrate deeply, stopping the development of microfissures and cracks, without creating any film and leaving unchanged the material transpiration.

Proter® Proteggi Terrazza combines three advantages for a “guaranteed result”:

  • Protects, against the exposure to weather conditions,
  • Waterproofs against water infiltration,
  • Consolidates against the deterioration of structures.

Ready to use and easy to apply by brush or by roller on the surface, Proter® Proteggi Terrazza is a valid and affordable alternative to the various methods of restoration or maintenance of the external surfaces.

It is highly recommended for cotto (terracotta), ceramic, stoneware, clinker, natural stones, cement and others porous materials. But, its application can be extended to tiles and interstices of showers and bath tubs, avoiding the formation of moulds, breakages and walls’ swelling.

…So, it’s time to act. It’s time to Proter Proteggi Terrazza!