CAMP Surface Care and StrArte: Itinerary of contemporary art

CAMP Surface Care and StrArte: Itinerary of contemporary art


The historical city centers are the guardians of the past handed down through the buildings architecture, the monuments, the materials, etc. Their enhancement is made possible through the intervention of the municipal administrations and the activism of the local associations which make the old cities an immeasurable heritage of art and history, usable by the citizens and not only.

Our region has ones of the most beautiful and characteristics ancient borgos (historical city centers or villages), in some cases neglected but in other well reclassified, well-finished and fascinating. One of these is surely Giovinazzo (BA), a small seaside village made of alleys, courtyards and monuments of natural stone which has framed the art exhibition “StrAtre” in the July 2015.

On this occasion, CAMP® has strongly endorsed the initiative born from the passion and tenacity of the association Artefuori and sponsored by the municipality of Giovinazzo, as it is close to the philosophy of the CAMP Surface Care line of taking care of the surfaces.

“The meeting point between Camp and StrArte is the revaluation of the historical city centers to continue appreciating what our ancestors have built. StrArte does so creating an open-air museum of contemporary art, while Camp does it through the maintenance and the treatment of the natural stones in order to ensure the beauty and the duration over time”, says the Camp® Sales Manager.

In fact, the StrArte project seek visitors to discover the hidden and evocative places of the ancient Borgo (village), involving them in a walk dedicated to the viewing of artworks and sculptures created by the artist participants at the event.

Being the main sponsor, CAMP Surface Care wanted to contribute to the cleaning of the areas and support a genuine and creative initiative which enhances the territory.

The video is a report of the third edition with images and interviews. Enjoy it!

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