Rust Block® Passivante: the first passivating treatement in spray formula for refurbishing the reinforcement rods

Restoring reinforcements rods has never been so easy and fast!

The Camp Professional range of products grows with the new RUST BLOCK® Passivanting. It is the first mono-component spray with a passivating and a re-alkalizing action for restoring and protecting  the reinforcement rods.

Rapid, ready to use and easy to apply in an innovative aerosol packaging which allows a considerable waste reduction.

“ We have created a product that not only has high technical characteristics, but also eases its use in the construction yards and accelerates the implementation of the work.” Says Giuseppe Campagna, CAMP’s business manager. “ After many research and tests in our laboratories, we have plan a spray system which makes the product practical to use and manageable compared to the traditional products already in the market”.

Reducing  time for the applications means simplifying the work of the applicator with an effective economic advantages for the users.


RUST BLOCK® Passivanting  protective restores the alkalinity  and protects the reinforcement rods from the corrosive action of the atmospheric agents because it is completely waterproof.

Once applied on the reinforcement rods, it electro-chemically reacts passivating the the iron, it prevents the corrosion and it stops the developing of the phenomenon of degradation.

It is strictly fastened to the metal, it incapsulates it creating an anti-carbonation barrier which is an effective primer which promotes the adhesion of the restoration mortar.

RUST BLOCK® Passivanting is free from toxic or harmful compounds, it can be used in safety on every ferrous metal.

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