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Air Lub

Non-toxic lubricating oil for pneumatic tools

An extremely fluid protective and anticorrosive lubricating oil. Specific for the lubrication of tools, plants and pneumatic tools. It ensures a perfect protection of the tools from wear and it prolongs their duration. It prevents the accumulation of dust, it does not dry out and it guarantees maximum efficiency of the lubricated parts.

Suitable for the lubrication of compressed air systems, tools, pneumatic motors and automations, regulation valves, lubricators and for micromist systems.


  • Reduces friction and wear of pneumatic tools
  • Eliminates the stickslip effect in valves and cylinders
  • Antioxidant and anticorrosive
  • Reduces noise and vibrations
Code Packaging EAN
1054 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736860755
1054 005 Tanica/Jerry can 5 L 8056736862988