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Blast Crema Bianca

White handwashing cream

Handwashing cream for professional use. It is effective on all types of dirt even the toughest stains. Effectively removes grease from hands, eliminating dirt in depyh even in the fold hardest to reach. It removes bad odors leaving a pleasant fragrance. It does not contain solvents or colorants, it does not clog drains.

Blast Crema Bianca is a universal and versatile cream. It is suitable for mechanics, printers, body builders, plumbers, mechanical and steel industry workers. Effectively removes: grease, oil (both food and lubricant), glue residues, paint, ink, stubborn dirt. Effective against unpleasant odors and traces of particularly washing-resistant substances.


  • Degreases in depth, gentle on skin
  • Solvent-free, enriched with glycerin
  • Pleasant fragrance
Code Packaging EAN
1075 001 Barattolo/Pot 1 L 8056736861158
1075 004 Barattolo/Pot 4 L 8056736861165