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Blast Fluida

Fluid handwashing cream

Extra fluid neutral pH handwashing cream for professional use. It effectively removes grease from the hands, eliminating dirt especially from the fold hardest to reach. The moisturizing and protective special substances of natural origin with which it’s formulated, make Blast absolutely safe for the skin, leaving the hands feeling pleasantly soft. Free form microplastics, solvents and coloring.

Blast Fluid Cream is suitable for mechanics, printers, body builders, plumbers, mechanical and steel industry workers. Effective both against greasy dirt, oil, hydrocarbons, graphite, rust and in the presence of dry dirt such as paint, silicone, glue, etc.


  • Extraordinary cleansing power
  • Enriched with glycerin
  • Efficient and gentle on the skin
  • Pleasant fragrance
Code Packaging EAN
1073 002 Barattolo/Pot 2 L 8056736861127
1073 005 Tanica/Pot 5 L 8056736862919