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Blast Pasta

Paste handwashing cream

A traditional handwashing detergent paste with glycerine, lemonscented. It is a very efficient and high quality product due to its first class de-greasing ingredients. The glycerine protects the skin leaving the user’s hands soft.

Blast Pasta is suitable for mechanics, printers, body builders, plumbers, mechanical and steel industry workers. Effectively removes: grease, oil (both food and lubricant), glue residues, paint, ink, stubborn dirt. Effective against unpleasant odors and traces of substances particularly resistant to washing.


  • Formula enriched with glycerin
  • Effective against the most
  • Pleasant lemon scent
Code Packaging EAN
1074 001 Barattolo/Pot 1 L 8056736861134
1074 004 Barattolo/Pot 4 L 8056736861141