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Brill Doccia

Anti-drop and anti-limescale protectant

Ready to use descaling and brightener detergent. It effectively removes all traces of limescale, leaving surfaces clean, shiny and without rings. The anti-drip technology makes the treated surfaces hydrophobic, facilitates the flow of water, delaying the deposit of limestone. It is not corrosive, it is safe on chrome plating and on all the materials typically used for the construction of bathroom fixtures. It also effectively eliminates traces of mold and rust.

Its formulation is specific for cleaning glass, crystal, methacrylate and plastic laminates of shower cubicles and enclosures. Also excellent for mosaics, ceramics, bathroom fixtures, washbasins and taps.


  • Brightening action
  • Does not leave rings
  • With anti-drip technology
  • Removes limescale and prevents its presence
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3025 750 Trigger 750 ml 8056736863183
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