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Concrete Pro

Anti-dust protectant for cement and porous supports

Treatment based on resins with high penetrating and impregnating power.
It hardens and consolidates floors and surfaces and it ensures excellent resistance to wear over time. Prevents dusting, crumbling and the penetration of dirt and water. Transparent, wateroil repellent, with semi-polish finishing.

Suitable for surfaces and walls in concrete, exposed concrete, industrial flooring, etc. Excellent fixative for walls of industrial sheds with surfaces with small rocks surfaces.


  • Strengthens the structure of the surface and it prevents chalking
  • Consolidates and renews the treated surfaces
  • Protects from atmospheric agents
  • Prevents cement crumbling
Code Packaging EAN
2018 001 Latta/Tin can 1 L 8056736861486
2018 005 Latta/Tin can 25 L 8056736861523
2018 025 Latta/Tin can 5 L 8056736861530
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