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Decal Pro

Professional acid descaler

A water soluble concentrated buffered acid based descaler for professional use. It rapidly removes deposits of a calcareous nature, saline formations, cement and mortar residues, rust and other acid sensitive encrustations.

Suitable to remove concrete residuals from the concrete mixers, pipes and building equipment. Ideal for a in depth cleaning of the ceramic surfaces, cotto tiles, clinker and material resistant to the strongest acids. Suitable for cleaning bottoms, walls and sides of the pool. Ideal to remove limescale on cooling coils, pipes and tanks. Suitable to clean boats from water lines and limestone formations.


  • Concentrated formula
  • Fast acting on stubborn encrustations
  • High dilution of use
Code Packaging EAN
1044 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736860618
1044 005 Tanica/Jerry can 5 L 8056736860625