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Decal VRC Safe

Concentrated descaler with color indicator

Decal VRC Safe is an inhibited concentrated descaler, acid-based, with color indicator, specifically formulated to remove limestone encrustations from pipes and closed systems of circulation of boilers and heat exchangers. It is fast acting, it doesn’t foam, and it has a facilitated control of the pH, thanks to the color indicator. It contains special corrosive inhibitors that make it safe for metals.

Decal VRC Safe is suitable for the decaler washing of the maintance of teh heat exchanger, pipes, coils, pumps). It is suitable for copper, steel and cast iron, aluminum and galvanized surfaces.


  • Instantly dissolves encrustations
  • Non-foaming
  • Easy control of the pH with the color indicator
  • Safe on metals
Code Packaging EAN
1139 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736863121
1139 005 Tanica/Jerry can 5 L 8056736863138
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