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Easy Clean

Sanitizing degreasing detergent

Universal detergent with sanitizing action perfect for daily use throughout the house. It removes even the most stubborn dirt in a few seconds without damaging the most delicate surfaces, eliminating bad odors and carrying out an antistatic and brightening action. It is not harmful, it is not aggressive, it does not contain ammonia and phosphates. Pleasantly scented.

Ideal for degreasing and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces in the house: kitchen, worktops, ovens, refrigerators, tiles, sinks, glass, bathroom fixtures, furniture, outdoor blinds, radiators, shutters and fixtures, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC , wood, laminates etc. It can be used in the professional field in activities subject to the HACCP system.


  • Effective against stubborn dirt
  • Sanitizing action
  • It is not harmful nor aggressive
  • Leaves surfaces clean and shiny
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