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Fix 1

All-purpose instant adhesive

A fast fixing mono-component cyanoacrylate adhesive. Transparent and colorless, it is packaged in tubes with a pin cap to avoid clogs. It has excellent wetting properties, high smoothness and an extremely fast acting adhesion.

Particularly suitable for the adhesion of plastic materials, dutral gaskets (fixtures in aluminium), rubber gaskets, o-rings, elastomers, leather, footwear, ceramics, porcelain, metals, wood, cardboard, glass etc.


  • Extremely fast acting
  • Good weather and chemical resistant properties
  • High mechanical resistance
Code Packaging EAN
1071 010 Flacone/Bottle 10 g 8056736861097
1071 020 Flacone/Bottle 20 g 8056736862278
1071 050 Flacone/Bottle 50 g 8056736862285
1071 500 Flacone/Bottle 500 g 8056736862704