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Flor Ocean

Sanitizing detergent for floors

Concentrated detergent with sanitizing action for all floors accompanied by a fresh sea water breeze. It cleanses thoroughly and it is effective against the most stubborn dirt. Characterized by a pleasant and persistent scent, it leaves a pleasant sensation of cleanliness in the environment. It contains over 90% of biodegradable surfactants. In the food sector it can be used in HACCP programs.

Suitable for floors and walls in marble, granite, natural stone, polished and natural porcelain stoneware, ceramic, clinker, terracotta, slate, rubber and PVC, plastic floors, linoleum, wood.
It can be used manually or in washer-dryers.


  • Concentrated formula with sanitizing action
  • Leaves a pleasant natural scent in the room
  • Leaves surfaces clean and shiny without rinsing
  • For all floors
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3021 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736862803
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