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Fluid Pro SM

Semi-synthetic biostable emulsifiable coolant

A universal semi-synthetic bio-stable emulsifying cooling lubricant. Its high cooling power maximises tool life and gives an excellent quality to the finished product. It has detergent, anti-rust and anti-foaming properties. It can be effectively employed on single basin units or on centralised systems.

Suitable for all cutting processes on metal and alloys (steel, iron, wrought iron, aluminium, etc.). It may be used for grinding. Excellent for glass working.


  • High cooling powers
  • Guarantees neat and precise incisions
  • Detergent, anti-rust and anti-foaming properties
Code Packaging EAN
1059 005 Tanica/Jerry can 25 L 8056736860854
1059 025 Tanica/Jerry can 5 L 8056736860861