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Frenafiletti 310

Low mechanical resistance braking

Braking adhesive suitable for screws, nuts and other threaded parts, even of small diameter. Frenafiletti 310, thanks to its low mechanical strength and medium viscosity, allows disassembly with normal tools even after a long time from application. It has high resistance to water, oils, fuels, hydraulic and refrigeration fluids, gases and vapors.

Frenafiletti 310 is suitable for threaded parts that must be easily disassembled, for adjusting screws and in general for elements made of light alloys that could otherwise be damaged during disassembly.


  • Ideal for every metal threaded couplings
  • Avoids loosening due to vibrations, shocks and temperature leaps
  • Easy disassembly with standard hand tools
Code Packaging EAN
1104 020 Flacone/Bottle 20 ml 8056736862414
1104 050 Flacone/Bottle 50 ml 8056736863282