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Frenafiletti 330

High mechanical resistance braking

Braking adhesive suitable for permanent braking of studs, nuts, bolts and other threaded elements, characterized by high mechanical resistance. Frenafiletti 330 blocks and seals the threaded parts developing a high resistance to disassembly. It has high resistance to water, oils, fuels, hydraulic and refrigeration fluids, gases and vapors. It prevents corrosion and seizing.

Frenafiletti 330 is suitable for braking threaded parts that are not subject to disassembly. Indicated for locking studs, nuts, screws and other threaded elements. It eliminates the use of conventional braking systems such as nut, lock nut, washers, etc.


  • Ideal for all threaded metal couplings
  • Ensures permanent braking
  • Ideal for fittings not subject to disassembly
Code Packaging EAN
1106 020 Flacone/Bottle 20 ml 8056736862438
1106 050 Flacone/Bottle 50 ml 8056736863305