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Fuga Pro

Anti-stain protectant for grout lines with natural effect

Water-oil repellent stain resistant protective impregnating agent specific for the protection of joints. It penetrates in depth and it blocks the absorption of water and humidity, avoiding the formation of stains, efflorescence, rings, saltpetre, mold and algae.
Fuga Pro keeps the joints looking as new for years and it eases the daily cleaning. It does not alter the aspect or the original color
of the joints, It does not create rings or translucent effects.

Fuga Pro keeps the joints as new for years and it eases daily cleaning. Suitable for all joints.


  • Does not create film on the surface
  • Prevents the absorption of stains
  • Facilitates daily cleaning of joints
  • Reduces the presence of saltpetre, mold and algae
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2015 500 Flacone/Bottle 500 ml 8056736861479
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