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Grasso Nautica

Resistant to the water washout, protective, anticorrosive lubricant

White grease resistant to water, salt and corrosion, suitable for use in nautical and port areas. It lubricates, protects and it is resistant to the water washout, even with salty water. It has excellent antirust properties and it does not dry out. Operating temperatures from -10 °C to +160 °C.

Ideal for lubrication and longlasting protection of all onboard equipment. It lubricates steering systems, pins, levers, tie rods, cables, sheaths, slide rails, baskets, trolleys, propellers, folding blades, flaps, pumps, winches, submerged mechanisms or components exposed to water. Ideal to protect the rubber parts, the gaskets of peaks and portholes.


  • Extremely adhesive and water repellent
  • Resistant to water washout and bad weather, does not dry out
  • Excellent antirust properties
  • High protective power against wear and oxidation
Code Packaging EAN
1114 001 Barattolo/Pot 1 kg 8056736862605
1114 150 Tubetto/Tube 150 ml 8056736862612