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Grasso PTFE

Synthetic ptfe lubricating grease

High-performance grease with solid lubricant additive PTFE, which provides a better lubrication.It ensures a mechanical anti-wear and anti-seize effect particularly prolonged over time. Operating temperatures from -35 °C to +240 °C.

Suitable for general lubrication of organs of all types, pairings metal/metal, metal/plastic, plastic/plastic, bearings, cams, joints, pins, joints, guides, chains, racks, etc. It can also be used for rolling bearings operating in non severe service conditions. Suitable for applications of low speed and high loads. Suitable for low speed and high load applications.


  • Resistant to stable temperatures over +200 °C
  • Reduces friction and guarantees a deep lubrication
  • Good resistance to the water washout
  • High adhesiveness
Code Packaging EAN
1115 001 Barattolo/Pot 1 kg 8056736862629
1115 150 Tubetto/Tube 150 ml 8056736862759