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Hydro Pro

Water repellent protectant with natural effect

Water repellent, solventbased, penetrating, highly resistant and replaceable siloxane impregnating agent. Ideal for the protection of floors, walls, coverings and exposed bricks. It defends the support from the aggression of atmospheric agents and it prevents the presence of mold, moss, saltpetre and saline efflorescence.

Ideal for terracotta, natural stone, unpolished agglomerates, marble, travertine, absorbent stone materials, mineral plasters and paints,porous concrete, cement and cement mortars.


  • Protects materials from water and humidity
  • Does not create films, does not cause chromatic variations
  • Allows treated materials to transpire
  • Prevents the presence of saltpetre and mold
Code Packaging EAN
2005 001 Latta/Tin can 1 L 8056736861240
2005 005 Latta/Tin can 25 L 8056736861257
2005 025 Latta/Tin can 5 L 8056736861264
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