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Jet Clean

Descaling cleaner for throttle bodies and carburetors

Specific solvent cleaner for internal and external cleaning of the carburetor and the intake system of carburettor and injection engines. It removes dirt and impurities in the intake ducts and throttle bodies, restoring the correct functioning of the fuel system. It rapidly dissolves carbon residues, encrustations, oil, contamination, lacquers and all kinds of deposits in throttle bodies.

Specific for cleaning carburetors and intake systems, throttle bodies, EGR valves , turbines, aluminum heads, manifolds and injectors. Suitable for cars, motorcycles, industrial vehicles, marine engines, agricultural vehicles, generators.


  • Removes encrustations, oil residues, grease and impurities
  • Suitable for cleaning of intake systems and carburettors
  • Improves engine starting and fuel flow
  • Rapid and effective action without disassemblying
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1122 500 Aerosol 500 ml 8056736862766
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