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Lucid AL

Polishing cleaner for aluminum and metals

Innovative protective and polishing cleaner for aluminum. Suitable for cleaning and restoring the original shine and brightness of the section bar of any kind of aluminum: varnished, anodized or raw. It has a pleasant fragrance and it is not abrasive. Lucidal restores and polishes in one single step, without leaving rings or residues. It eliminates all opacities and fingerprints by carrying out a protective action on the surface for a long time.

Indispensable in the field of processing aluminum profiles to clean, polish and protect all kinds of profiles. Also effective on plastic laminates, stainless steel, chromed parts, brass, metals in general.


  • Cleans and renews aluminum and metals
  • Eliminates marks and fingerprints
  • Does not leaves residue
  • It is not abrasive
Code Packaging EAN
1025 400 Aerosol 400 ml 8056736860458