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Muffa Control Additivo

Anti-mould concentrated additive for water paints

Muffa Control Additivo is used in addition to all types of water-based paints to give an effective anti-mold action. Even in the presence of pre additive water based paints, the use of Muffa Control Additivo is strongly recommended as it will enhance the anti-mold properties of the water-based paint.

Ideal for the walls of typically those rooms affected by damp such as kitchens, bathrooms, cellars, basements, garages and, in general, cold walls or environments with poor air exchange. Suitable for all restoration / painting interventions inside or outside.


  • Preserves the paint from the presence and proliferation of mold
  • Ideal for paints used on walls subject to condensation and humidity
  • Concentrated formula
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2033 250 Flacone/Bottle 250 ml 8056736861776
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