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Neutrum Pet

Enzymatic detergent remove odours  

Specific product that does not cover but instantly eliminates bad smells caused by dogs, cats and pets and it prevents their reappearance. Its special formulation with double synergistic action, with probiotic technology, allows to neutralize the molecules of unpleasant odors and to counteract their formation, thanks to the presence of selected bacterial strains capable of degrading a wide variety of organic residues, such as urine, feces , vomiting, responsible for the formation of bad odors. It also reduces the risk of new markings. 

It leaves no residue on surfaces and objects, even if made of fabric. Ideal for litter boxes, kennels, cages, floors, carpets, chairs, armchairs, car seats. 


  • With natural probiotics 
  • Instant and prolonged effect 
  • Eliminates odors of urine, feces, blood and vomit 
  • Effective against stains of an organic nature 
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