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Protecto Gres

Anti-dirt and anti-stain protectant for porcelain stoneware

Stain resistant singlecomponent protective treatment for the protection of porcelain stoneware and lapped stoneware.
The treatment creates an invisible barrier that drastically reduces the porosity of the material and it modifies its hydrophilicity, opposing the penetration of water, dust and organic substances.
It is resistant to UV rays, it does not yellow over time and it does not degrade. It can be applied indoors and outdoors.

Suitable for the protection of floors and walls in porcelain stoneware or lapped, structured stoneware, synthetic agglomerates and ceramic materials.


  • Anti-dirt, stain resistant, water repellent action
  • Does not alter the aspect of the material
  • Improves the resistance of the support to traffic and footsteps
  • Facilitates ordinary cleaning of surfaces
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2041 001 Latta/Tin can 1 L 8056736862834
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