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ProTer Proteggi Terrazza

Water repellent anti-infiltration treatment for terraces and balconies

Highly penetrating water repellent consolidating treatment.
It consolidates and it protects the surfaces of terraces, balconies, facades and floors, saturating the macroporosity of the substrates. Repairs cracks, cracks, crevices and microfractures up to 1 mm in size. The treatment prevents water infiltration, the presence of mold and efflorescence.

Ideal for terracotta, clinker, natural stone, stoneware, marble, cement, concrete, agglomerates and bricks.


  • Prevents water infiltration
  • Protects joints
  • Penetrates in depth
  • Consolidates and protects surfaces from water and atmospheric agents
Code Packaging EAN
2019 001 Latta/Tin can 1 L 8056736861547
2019 005 Latta/Tin can 5 L 8056736861554
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