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Ptfe oily lubricant

A high tech oily PTFE based lubricant that creates a very thin, protective and colorless lubricating film. It is water repellent and it displaces moisture, dirt and dissolves encrusted deposits as it penetrates, even in those hard to reach areas. Effective in all weather conditions. It prevents the presence of dirt and the formation of rust or other corrosions. Suitable for lubricating o-rings and other plastic materials.

It keeps gears, cables, hinges, sliding guides, joints, bearings and mechanical movements in general efficient and lubricated. Suitable for nautical equipment, cars, motorcycles and bicycles.


  • High performance oily lubricant
  • Water repellent and resistant to water washout
  • It drastically reduces the coefficient of friction
  • Resistant at low and high temperatures
Code Packaging EAN
1079 200 Aerosol 200 ml 8056736862049