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Rapido Professionale

Professional rapid drain unblocker

An innovative and fast effecting unblocker formulated for blocked and malfunctioning drains, in domestic and professional environments. It reaches deep into the drain blockage, instantly freeing up the pipes. It contains special corrosion inhibitors and will not damage PVC or polypropylene pipes. Exclusively for professional use.

Acts on blockages mostly caused by organic substances, limestone and residues. It has an effective action against difficult and persistent bad odors. Used periodically, it effectively prevents drain blockages.


  • Extremely concentrated
  • Acts instantly
  • Restores drain function
  • Effective against bad odors
Code Packaging EAN
1043 001 Flacone/Bottle 1 L 8056736860595
1043 750 Flacone/Bottle 750 ml 8056736860601
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