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RUST BLOCK Convertiruggine e primer liquido

Rust converter and primer

Innovative anticorrosive system, rust converter and primer based on organic chelating agents and protective polymers, with very low toxicity. It chemically reacts with rust by converting it into a dark colored, stable and compact metal-organic complex, offering high resistance to the attack of atmospheric agents and excellent impermeability to humidity. It can be overpainted.

Suitable for restoring and preserving structures and rusted ferrous products such as railings, gates, bodywork, beams, tanks, sheets, pipes and any metal surface attacked by rust.


  • Very low toxicity, low VOC content
  • Overpaintable even after some time
  • Practical, ready to use, easy to use
Code Packaging EAN
1140 300 Flacone/Bottle 300 ml 8056736863145
1140 750 Flacone/Bottle 750 ml 8056736863152