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Rust Block Convertiruggine fosfatante

Rust converter, deoxidizer and metal polisher

Ready to use formulation specific for the treatment and removal of rust from iron or steel surfaces, partially or entirely rusted. It stops corrosion and it dissolves metal oxides by transforming rust into a dark, stable, insoluble and compact compound that
can be overpainted.

Suitable for the restoration of rusted ferrous products such as railings, gates, car bodies, beams, tanks, sheets, pipes and any metal surface attacked by rust. In addition, it can be used to renew and polish surfaces in steel, copper, brass, bronze and steel alloys.


  • Versatile, rapid and easy to use
  • Acts rapidly
  • Excellent as a deoxidizer and polisher for metals
Code Packaging EAN
1036 005 Flacone/Bottle 300 ml 8056736860335
1036 300 Flacone/Bottle 750 ml 8056736860342
1036 750 Tanica/Jerry can 5 L 8056736862025